Key Life Lessons from Rich Dad Poor Dad

Expansion and positive change on the outer level are much more likely to come into your life if you can enjoy what you are doing already, instead of waiting for some change so that you can start enjoying what you do. Similarly, always try to know the time to leverage your money, with calculated risk, and as a result, you will maximize your future returns.

An international bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki has stated the same life lessons with different angles, which has inspired a whole lot of bunch who want to understand how money works and how it should be managed. The book is about the author’s fathers just as mentioned in the title. It is a journey of how wealth depends upon your actions and decisions. Positive actions lead to positive outcomes; thus, one should always be encouraging towards having a positive attitude towards money.

Financial Freedom comes with Discipline

You should always have the freedom to work and it can only be achieved with financial freedom. Every decision and plan should be strategic enough that you build more income than expenses. To become healthy one needs to be patient as it takes time and consistency. From all the obstacles in the journey, you will feel like giving up but the lesson Rich Dad poor Dad teaches is that you have to keep yourself motivated to achieve your final goals. The method which the book suggests to keep yourself motivated is to make a list of ‘wants’ and ‘don’t wants’. This list will always keep you motivated as it will work as a constant reminder that why you should not give up. Another way is to spend money on yourself as a reward but that too in a limit. Fulfilling expenses and your luxuries will motivate you to make enough money to satisfy both the requirements. According to Rich Dad Poor Dad, this method will also sharpen and develop your financial self-discipline, which is a key trait of all financially successful people.” Inspiration can also be taken by various inspirational people, by reading their stories and struggles. The journey of how they overcame their struggles to attain triumphs will make you ambitious and motivated.

Objectivity Matters

A very important point is covered in the book which is often neglected-the personality pitfalls that restrict you from comprehending financial intelligence. Laziness and arrogance come in this category. Laziness inspires you to do nothing or maybe to avoid things and keep on hold. Similarly, arrogance will never let you admit reality. It is the ego that shows only positives and keeps you ignorant of all the negative facts.

So, don’t let any of your personality pitfalls be your obstacle in your journey towards being a financial genius and attaining financial freedom and independence.

Good Trumps Bad

Robert Kiyosaki concludes the book by giving a very encouraging outlook to all his readers. He says you should always improve your life by consciously identifying and changing bad habits to become financially intelligent. Ethics should be kept in mind. Robert in the most beautiful way guides us to have a stronger, happier financial life, and that too while being ethical and very true to our own set of beliefs and values.

In the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, the authors mention that “Once you change your perspective the world presents opportunities to generate wealth that can be done ethically and for the long-term”

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